The Ure River

The River Ure begins in the Yorkshire Dales at Bainbridge the water then makes its way through Askrigg, Middleham, Masham, Tanfield, Ripon, and Boroughbridge; where after being joined by the Swale at Myton, passes by Ouseburn, where it changes its name from Ure to the Ouse, The Ouse then goes through York.

The rivers Bain (Supposedly the shortest river in Britain) and Leven both feed into the Ure prior to joining the Ouse. These rivers will be covered in the relevant sections.

Similar in most respects to inland rivers the water near its source is focused on Trout and Grayling. As the water drops further down its course the course fishing potential increases.


This stretch near the start of the river is run and controlled by Hawes and High Abbotside AA preserve who stock the water annually with trout. The water also offers fishing on some of the tributaries to the main water. These include the Hardraw, Mossdale, Cotter, Duerely and Widdale. The water runs fairly shallow and fast in most places offering highly oxygenated water in which the fish seem to thrive. The banks slope gently and offer good access from many points. The club has approximately 15 miles of fishing from both banks from the very start of the river where it becomes fishable to one mile above a place known as Borwins just above Bainbridge. Both bait and fly fishing is available on this stretch during the traditional trout season. No groundbait allowed.

Tickets available from Lowis Countrywear Hawes contact 01969 667443, The Board Hotel, The Gift Shop both Main Street Hawes.

River Bain (near Hawes).

Struggled to find the fishable stretch here, so you need the A684 heading out of Leyburn towards Hawes, you will see a left turn prior to reaching Bainbridge which is signposted Countersette, take this road heading to a car park at Lake Semerwater where you can park you car.The water is controlled by the Richmond and District Angling Club who sell Day tickets from the Aysgarth Garage.

The fishable stretch of the river runs for about 1/4 of a mile on the right hand bank. The water is looks more like a trout river than a coarse fishery but apparently there are good stocks of Roach, Perch and Bream present.

There is a no maggot rule during the trout season.

Bainbridge to Worton.

This stretch of the Ure is controlled and run by the Wensleydale Angling Association. There is approximately 3 miles of fishing on both banks in and around Bainbridge (details available with ticket purchase). The club also controls part of the River Bain that flows into the Ure on this stretch.

Both rivers have Trout and Grayling present, fishable for during the trout season with Day Ticket prices in the region of £4.00 or double that for a season ticket.

Day tickets available from the Rose and Crown Pub 01969 6502225 situated in the beautiful village of Bainbridge. Tickets prior to fishing otherwise you may well end up in the village stocks. No maggot fishing allowed.


This is a relatively small stretch of the water that is run by the Leeds and District ASA with 1/4 of a mile of fishing mainly from the right hand bank downstream. This stretch does benefit from a little extra depth and provides the first place on the river to offer consistent general coarse fishing. You can only fish the stretch below the Iron Bridge (Above the bridge is reserved for members of the club only).

The water holds the usual brown trout and grayling but also features Perch (1lb), Roach (1lb) and the odd occasional bream to 2lb. The very occasional chub to 3lb have been caught over recent seasons. Stray pike have also been known to take fish on the way back to the net, but are not that prevalent in the area to target.

Access to the water is gained by parking on the land at the downstream end of the big meadow and on the grass margins on the Leyburn side of the iron bridge

Day Tickets from the White Swan Inn in Middleham itself. Tickets also available from the majority of Leeds Tackle shops.


When I went to visit this water there had been plenty of rain and I was surprised how low the water is. The slopes to the bank are very shallow and were covered at the time of writing. But I would imagine in the summer months that the water levels are going to be very low indeed. What does strike me although is the quality of the fish that are present over the last couple of months there have been Barbel taken out 10lb with the venue record at 12lb. There have been 70lb match weights of Chub also recorded with average fish in the 4lb bracket, but bigger specimens over 6lb have been recorded.

You should choose your swim carefully here, look for deep runs with plenty of cover such as weed beds as I would suspect that when the water is running low there is likely to be little else. With the water being so shallow the use of a float my well be a little difficult, feeders are ledgers look the better option. Casters worm and bread should all produce the results here.

Hutton Beck and to Barn Island is regularly match fished with plenty of Chub and Barbel present in this stretch. This stretch again also provides some very good grayling fishing.

The Ripon Piscatorial control both the banks for six miles above North Bridge. From North Bridge to Newby hall which is downstream they also have both banks.

Ripon Angling Club have about 3/4s of a mile on the downstream bank right hand bank from Sykes Wood Cutter to the Military Bridge and they also control almost 3 miles of the rivers Skell and Laver from Rustic Bridge on the Skell and Bishopton Bridge to where they meet the Ure.

Day tickets ranging from £4 to £6 available from Ripon Angling Supplies 01765 604666. Ure Bank Caravan site, Station Hotel, R E Wains Newsagents in Ripon. Tickets must be purchased prior to fishing.


The water of the Ure in and around Boroughbridge is split into 5 lengths and a bit of a nightmare to sort out into stretches. There is although some very good fishing to be had here. There is Barbel present, although they are very nomadic with better fish in the 8lb region. The chub fishing again on these stretches is very good with fish averaging around the 2lb mark but better fish over the 5lb mark. Casters and hemp will bring the fish into the swim, with fishing early morning and last light giving the best results. There are also some big pike that can be taken during most months.

Harrogate and Claro water 1/2 a mile of left hand side bank downstream from the road bridge down to the canal entrance at Milby.

Boroughbridge Angling club from the cricket field, the right hand bank looking downstream for just over a mile to the start of the Leeds stretch.

Leeds District ASA from Hall Arms Lane for a short 1/4 of a mile stretch, with additional stretches on the right hand bank downstream from the weir to the road bridge, and above the weir to the marina. All tickets to be purchased prior to fishing from Fish and Things, Boroughbridge. The Three Horseshoes for Harrogate stretch. Boroughbridge AC stretch from Tophams Post office (no tickets on a Sunday for this stretch). Leeds DSA from the Angler Inn, Dunsforth and Leeds Tackle shops.

Tickets between £3 & £5 with access from the Cricket field opposite the tennis club is a lane on Aldborough road on the exit from Boroughbridge. The Lower parts of the river can be accessed by going through Aldborough towards Lower Dunsforth, and take a left turn down Hall lane, where you find the river and a place to park.

Aldwark to Dunsforth.

As you look downstream Leeds and District ASA have 3 miles of river fishing from the right hand bank. Starting at Holbeck Drain, which is just below the Swale and Ure confluence all the way down to the Toll bridge at Aldwark?

The water is quite wide and deep in much of this stretch, and as a result does fish well throughout the year. There are also plenty of features to fish to, with eddies, overhanging trees and slower deeper pools. Long rods will assist with getting depth on to your rigs. There is a good head of fish in the water with Barbel approach double figures, some large shoals of Chub with better fish over 7lb making appearance. Each winter there are also some very good roach caught over th2lb mark. There are also some big shoals of bream but they do tend to be nomadic. The area behind the Angler Inn is heavily fished and is very popular with big catches of Roach on the cards at most time of the year.

Access is gained to Aldwark by taking the B6265 which is the York to Boroughbridge road and then turn off right at Little Ouseburn. You will then come to a T Junction with the Park gates facing you, you need to turn left here. Once you cross Ousegill beck follow the road down to the Toll bridge. Please be mindful of where you park, which must be off road. Access to the water is gained by taking the park down the side of the Toll Bridge cottage. To get to the Dunsforth stretch go as above but continue along the B6265 until you see the signs for Dunsforth which is a right turn. The Angler pub is on a caravan site and access is gained here. Or if you drive past the pub and take the first left into Church Lane, please park considerately.

Tickets from the Angler Inn and Leeds Tackle shops.

Newby Hall.

This is truly an awesome stretch of the river, and runs through some beautiful scenery. There is also a good variety of water to fish, with some deeper runs, contrasted with some shallower fast glides. There is a little over a mile of water to fish from the left hand bank as the water runs downstream.

The water is known for the often prolific Barbel and Chub fishing with just about every method having its day through the year. River craft can be the difference between an ordinary day and a fabulous one. Deep runs with streamer weed generally hold some good fish on this stretch. There are also plenty of wild trout that inhabits the stretch and can be fished for on lures but at an extra charge.