Underbank Reservoir

Water Name

Underbank Reservoir, Stocksbridge, Sheffield.


This is one of the many reservoirs in and around the Sheffield area. The water can provide all year round sport with very good catches of Pike up to the mid-twenties coming out from dead baits during the colder winter months. The pike fishing is controlled under syndication and there is quite a waiting list due to the quality of the fishing. Those fishing for pike must have the following as an absolute minimum, 15lb line, 20lb traces, unhooking mats, forceps and adequate landing nets. Piking is allowed from October to the end of February. Thanks to Andrew Kershaw (Bailiff).

If you are after the Bream then get a big ground bait feeder fished out into the wind, the earlier in the day the better. Worm and corn on the hook tend to catch best with the average fish being between 3 and 4lb but bigger fish up to 5½lb coming out regularly.

If you wish to target the silver fish then a Waggler or Pole approach will see Perch up to 1lb and Roach at a little over ½lb coming out all day. A good days fishing will see you take anywhere between 30-50lb of fish.


Day tickets are £3.00 per day.


No known restrictions.


Leave Sheffield on the A616 heading towards Stocksbridge. You cannot miss the water.


None provided…


07976 797158