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Fishing For: Started fishing as a kid around 10 year old with my dad catching Perch out of Leeds Liverpool canal and never really looked back or had to much time away from the sport.
Forum Username:
Naf (it seemed a good idea at the time)
Preferred Fishing Style:
River trotting but its increasingly hard to find good sport on rivers these days so tend to find myself pole fishing commercial venues more often.

Preferred Fishery Type:

Preferably ones with plenty of fish in.  Don't have the time to get out as much these days so easy fishing helps to make the msot of it.  I vary rarely fish alone as fishing is as much about the social aspect for me.

Favourite Fisheries:

1) The Nidd..  Dont get on it as much as i would like and the fishing can be hit and miss but i just love being by the river.
2) Pool Bridge Farm... The set up it great as are the people that run it.
3) Anywhere i haven't already fished..  Still nothing better or more exciting than going somewhere for the first time, even if it is the last time...

Recommended Gear:
A good seat...  Lets face it, most of the time your going to be sat on your backside so may as well be comfy...

Personal Bests: 

Beating Darren on the Yorkshire Fishing 2011 Social Matches.  There just for fun matches but i did get a nice warm feeling seeing Darren suffer defeat...

Greatest Fishing Moment:
Not sure that i have actually had a 'greatest' fishing moment but certainly had many many memorable times with trips to Ireland and Holland, and socials matches and overnight carping sessions and charity events with  The most memorable being the first charity match we arranged for Martin House Children's Hospice and taking kids from the Hospice fishing at Pool Bridge Farm and raising over £3000